A traveler that´s afraid of flying

Being afraid of flying was never really scary for me until I got older. First time I flew was back when I was 13 and it was amazing! I didn´t even think about flying and once we got to our destination (Crete, in Greece), I was so impressed with the place, I didn´t even think about the fact that I left the ground for a few hours and actually FLEW.

Afraid of flying

View from (uncomfortably) above.

After Crete, we went on to visit Santorini and flew in a small internal flight. Even when I saw my family grabbing their chairs and scared, when some hard turbulence hit, I didn´t really think anything can happen. Ah, the beauty of innocence…

All these people on social media traveling all the time… I can´t help but wonder if they also feel as scared as I do…

It might sound like a cliché but during that trip is when I decided I wanted to travel and see the world.

Years later, I managed to find a way to make that dream come true and travel a lot. I get to travel almost every month now, either for work or pleasure. And even though the trips are always fun, the flight there is often inexplicably stressful. Even if it´s silly and I know it, I always write my husband before taking off.. just a simple “I love you” which seems like I´m going off to war and not a commercial flight of 2h. But it makes me feel better so I do it.

Why did I start being afraid of flying?

It all started a few years ago when I first realized how lucky and (generally) happy I am. My family and friends are great. I work in an industry I enjoy. My husband is the best  – are all reasons to be happy and somehow scared. And just like that, with a happy epiphany, I began being afraid of flying.

It was when I realized I still have so many things ahead, that I began to be afraid of missing it all. It´s silly if you think about it. Nowadays flying is the safest way to travel but giving someone else so much power over your life, just freaks me out. (And I write this while flying to a conference and grabbing my chair every few minutes like any other respectable scared adult…)

They say “face your fears”! I´m doing that constantly but it doesn´t really seem to work. There´s one cliché that went down the drain…

Guess it won´t get better anytime soon but it doesn´t matter, I´m not stopping! So there, scared but traveling – that´s my motto. Not the coolest one but it works!


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  1. Albert
    June 1, 2018 / 9:14 AM

    Love this article and I love your attitude. Keep up your postive “can do” attitude

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