Building a business

Building a business is one of the scariest things ever. And even so, ever since I can remember I´ve wanted it even if I wasn´t sure that I did.

At first, I was creating new games and toys because the ones I was being involved in weren´t exciting enough. After I started working, I realised I had the same feeling about a job in an office. So I began having all kinds of ideas of building a business of my own. In fact that´s my favourite part: coming up with an idea and trying to make it into reality. That´s what motivates me most.

This is my ongoing journey to creating something of my own and making a dream come true.

Working from home is pretty challenging and it´s not because you´re distracted by the tv – I assume we´re all professionals here who don´t have Modern Family playing in the background while we work. It´s…

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