Expat in Barcelona

What is it like to be an expat in Barcelona? An absolute thrill and here´s why. Any city has different sides to it but none like Barcelona which is a total chameleon in that sense. It´s home to so many different people, many Spanish consider it´s not Spain at all (all political views aside).

This is Barcelona from the eyes of a 30 year old foodie, born in Bucharest and that came to Spain in the middle of the 2008/2009 crisis. I´m an expat in Barcelona that works remotely in digital and is trying to build a business.

My husband and I started dating 7 years ago which in an age when things move as fast as they do now, is basically in a different lifetime. What we understood by “top romantic restaurants…

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Do you like reading books? I do, cozied up on my sofa with a nice black tea with milk. As someone that works from home, I sometimes (but not as often as I´d like to)…

Is reading books the cool thing to do now? I often see people with books in coffee shops Instagramming what they´re reading so I can´t help but wonder if reading is a new accessorize.

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Living in Barcelona? Why Barcelona? Because in my twenty-something-year-old mind, it was the Rio de Janeiro of Europe. It´s not as stupid as it initially sounds if you think about it – a cosmopolite city…

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