Millennials Buying Flats

It seems that in theory I am a millennial. These days, that almost sounds like an insult. Everybody from stand up comedians, talkshow hosts and digital professionals giving speeches at conferences, poke fun at this snarky generation called Millennials. It´s said we´re never happy, always bored, unfocused, entitled, lazy, easily distracted and self centred. See? I told you, it´s pretty much an insult. Well, I recently bought a flat which isn´t common for a Millennial statistically. Here are the issues I faced as a Millennial buying a flat.

Millennials rushing into things

Millennials buying flatsAt one point, I figured it´s time to stop being such a job-hopping Millennial and invest, instead of buying things and traveling. I was going to invest in something that I´ve always dreamed of. The point was to feel more adult-like instead of an ever-growing kid. To me, that was going to be the perfect flat in what I consider a nice part of my hometown, Bucharest. As I don´t live there, I couldn´t really search thoroughly so I knew it will take years until finding something.

Until one day, when I was visiting my family, a friend told me about a flat that sounded exactly like what I was looking for! Big, tall ceilings, big windows, right in the centre, a little piece of the old Bucharest! So, in a very impulse move, I made an offer on the flat before even showing it to my husband in photos! Assuming he´s so crazy about me, he won´t care that I basically made a commitment using all our savings.

Millennials being entitled

My husband was amazing so no issues there. But we quickly realise that putting together the money wasn´t as easy as I thought. It was a nightmare actually. It was discussing with banks in Spain, in Romania, a literal stressing mess. But I couldn´t let go because I could see myself in that flat, I knew it was meant for me! I also thought that since I worked hard for a crazy lengthy period of 7 years(…), I deserved a big, over-my-budget flat… of course… Millennials buying flats… The paperwork was another nightmare and it required 3 flights back home to Bucharest. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

In the end, I got! My dream flat that I´m now renovating via FaceTime as any respectable Millennial would do.

Don´t hate Millennials, it´s not all our fault! And if you don´t believe me, see Simon Sinek´s talk about Millennials at the work place here and you´ll understand why!


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