Is reading books some kind of a fashion statement nowadays?

Do you like reading books? I do, cozied up on my sofa with a nice black tea with milk. As someone that works from home, I sometimes (but not as often as I´d like to) leave my house and work from a coffee shop or a coworking space. It´s not as comfortable as working from home but I need to see people moving around me. And I miss the noise which is a nice reminder that there´s a whole world outside my comfy self-made home office.

Taking selfies while reading books

Although there are far more people on their laptops or iPhones (yes, I´m an Apple lover ´till the very end), you can sometimes see people sitting alone in coffee shops reading. I always wonder if they´re actually there to read or they simply come there to feel like part of a hipster-cool movement. You know what I mean, oh-check-me-out-I-m-so-interesting kind of thing. It´s mostly 20-something-year-old people, having a 3 layered coffee, gazing at their phone from time to time and yes, apparently reading. Might be the jealous voice of a not-20-anymore person but from what I see, not many people over 35 leave their houses to read, how come? Do 20-year-olds focus better in public spaces?

Reading in the morning

To me, reading a good book in a coffee place is impossible, I get too distracted. That is mainly because I can´t put my music on like when I work.

The music helps me focus when I´m working as work entails taking action, comparing numbers, creating something, etc. That is much more dynamic than reading, which is a pretty static and relaxing thing to do. Actually, sometimes reading a book is what gets me to a normal blood pressure after a day´s work.

To me, reading a good book is more about a peaceful journey to another world so I need to be comfortable and somehow focused. It looks like they all got the same memo. So you´re seeing 20 people occupying (conveniently) the most Insta-famous coffee shops in town like a little book club, taking pictures of themselves reading, Instagramming and… #relaxing.

Maybe it´s just me becoming bitter… but I can´t believe it´s genuine. After all, who takes photos of themselves reading anyway?


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