The Maldives Experience

Due to the power of advertising, I had always associated the Maldives with “honeymooning” so when the time came, I immediately suggested it as a potential destination. To my luck, my then-future-husband didn´t get scared by the idea of spending more than initially planned for a honeymoon and we ended up going to Sri Lanka for a week and then another week in the Maldives. Honeymoons get you excited and irrational, it´s normal to go crazy… so I´ve been told.

The Maldives – you´re in heaven…

The Maldives - our arrival

Arriving at the island.

Heaven, I´m in heaven – Is the song that came to mind when I first stepped onto the island, which was the size of Times Square, in New York. Actually, I had that thought when I first got into the small plane which took us from Male, the capital of Maldives, to our resort, named Constance Moofushi.

Once we got there, everything seemed to say: “don´t move a finger and just enjoy”. There was actually a sign when you´d step on the island saying “No news, no shoes beyond this point”. A place which invites you to forget about social media and just enjoy. Now, if that´s not an invite to relaxing, I don´t know what is.

Arriving to the Maldives

Walking onto the island

Since it´s an all-inclusive, this is an actual island where you don´t have to carry money on you or cards or even shoes! Can you imagine how liberating that is? I didn´t until I got there. The whole island was your backyard. You could walk around the island, visit the shop, the spa, lay down in any corner of the island. You could swim anywhere, take your drink anywhere and more importantly, order a delicious Moscow Mule at any given hour of the day – my favorite drink while in the Maldives and not ashamed to say there wasn´t a day when I didn´t have a few.

They´re very organized and you never see anybody cleaning even though everything is spotless. I strongly recommend snorkeling because you literally step into a different world. We did some water sports and a couple of organized trips but all I wanted to do is just read and enjoy this heaven-like scenery.

How the Maldives changed my life goals

The Maldives are pure paradise

View from one side of the island

Surrounded by all that beauty, I started thinking of everybody working to make this place so wonderful. But also what it must be like to leave everything and move on such a small island. I imagine it feels like living in your own little bubble. Which got me thinking about all my thoughts and how I´d love a little bubble of my own where I can do what I wanted. And since I work from homeso I can organize my time, I decided then and there to start my own blog. And that´s a side of the honeymoon that I´ll never forget.

Aside from it being the place where  I spend my honeymoon, I will also always remember it as being genuinely the most beautiful place in the world to me. I always thought that a cliche must be based on some kind of truth. So if so many people say the Maldives are amazing, there must be something to it. Well, now I can safely say, they´re right. It´s pure heaven.

I left the island only after I promised myself that I´ll be back soon.

Other photos:

The Maldives The Maldives The Maldives



The Maldives The Maldives The MaldivesThe MaldivesThe MaldivesThe Maldives


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