Things to do in Costa Brava

Things to do in Costa Brava - remote beach in Costa Brava

One of the beaches in Costa Brava – AguaBlava

Talk about being too comfortable… I had this little hidden gem just 1.5h away from where I live. And now that I´ve been there and LOVED it, let´s talk about things to do in Costa Brava. 

From Barcelona to Costa Brava

I´ve been living in Barcelona for 8 years now so no excuses buuuut… we don´t drive. And you need a car to get to all these small beaches. Thank the stars above that I had friends visiting that had already seen Barcelona and DRIVE! So we decided to rent a car and go to Costa Brava this past Sunday.

Things to do in Costa Brava?

Mainly enjoy the turquoise Mediterranean waters! And water sports of course.

Like any good tourists, we Googled the best small beaches and found this little “cala” named AguaBlava (definition cala = cove, small bay usually between rocky cliffs). The only bad thing about it was that since it´s August in Spain, it was a bit crowded. That meant no easy parking, full beaches, many kids… not my favorite but even so, it was definitely worth going.

Things to do in Costa Brava, Cala de Smiroli

Cala de Smiroli

We spend the whole day at the beach and had great tapas at the little restaurant there – very important for a foodie like me.

TIP: If you´re ever in AguaBlava, I strongly recommend you do the short hike to the next beach. You just need to go up some stairs which go around the beach (amazing view), over a small bridge (again, amazing!) and walk for 15min on a narrow mountain (beautiful!!). At one point, another small but pebbly beach named Cala de Smiroli, opens up before your eyes. It even has it´s own little harbor.

After a refreshing dip in the water, we came back to AguaBlava and got a couple of pedal boats. Then went around the coast for a bit, around the small harbor we found earlier, it was perfect and the photos show it.

Things to do in Costa Brava - small beaches

Light blue Mediterranean waters

Small Mediterranean harbour

Small Mediterranean harbour

Discovering Costa Brava

Discovering Costa Brava

Turquoise Mediterranean waters

Turquoise Mediterranean waters


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